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couch inkjet print (on awagami paper!)

couch inkjet print (on awagami paper!)

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you know her you love her its my one couch photo. printed on awagami kozo natural (I think? definitely awagami of some kind). I initialed it because I gave another copy of the same print to a classmate , I kind of wish I hadn't signed it at all but oh well idk if that adds any value to you. its a little banged up, would probably flatten out if it was matted or something. price reflects the damage. definitely a warm paper. dimensions are 5 1/2" x 6 3/4". all my prices are negotiable I really just want these pieces to find a home so feel free to message me about pricing!



Please allow 2 weeks for me to ship things because life gets busy but I will send things ASAP (:

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